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Soy Coffee - Premium Coffee (Whole Beans / Ground)

Soy Coffee - Premium Coffee (Whole Beans / Ground)

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What is Soy Coffee?

Soy coffee is a coffee made using soy beans and coffee beans. Soy coffee is ideal for people who would like a healthier alternative to regular coffee.

Soy coffee is brewed like regular coffee.

Benefits of Soy Coffee?

Soy coffee provides the benefits of soy with a coffee taste. Soybeans provide all eight of the essential amino acids not manufactured by the body.

What are Soy Isoflavones?

Isoflavones are the beneficial substance in soy. They help lower cholesterol.

* Our coffee beans are roasted daily and packed once an order is placed to ensure you receive them at their freshest.

** Our coffee can be used for any brewing method be it coffee drip, french press, coffee maker, moka pot, stove top coffee maker or espresso machine.

*** We can grind the coffee for you be it coarse, medium or fine.

Check out our brewing guide to help you choose the best grind for your coffee.

Package Contents: 300 grams


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