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The Roasted Ground

Kopilocano - Taraki Blend + Balikutsa - Gift Set

Kopilocano - Taraki Blend + Balikutsa - Gift Set

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Our Taraki Blend is our in-house blend made from the freshest Arabica, Robusta and Liberica beans using our heirloom recipe. It has a strong flowery aroma with balanced acidity. Our gift pack comes with a 250 gram pack of Taraki Blend and Balikutsa pack of 10s in a stylish pouch.

* Our coffee beans are roasted daily and packed once an order is placed to ensure you receive them at their freshest.

** Our coffee can be used for any brewing method be it coffee drip, french press, coffee maker, moka pot, stove top coffee maker or espresso machine.

*** We can grind the coffee for you be it coarse, medium or fine.

Check out our brewing guide to help you choose the best grind for your coffee.

Package Contents:

  • Kopilocano Pouch
  • Taraki Blend - 250 Grams
  • Balikutsa - pack of 10s
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