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Kopilocano - Taraki Blend - Coffee Bag 3s

Kopilocano - Taraki Blend - Coffee Bag 3s

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Your ON-THE-GO Coffee!

Taraki Coffee Bag is a new way of brewing coffee as it is easy and convenient. No need to go to coffee shops to create a Coffee Shop-style coffee. All you need is hot water.

Our Taraki Blend is our in-house blend made from the freshest Arabica, Robusta and Liberica beans. Strong flowery aroma with balanced acidity.


1. Put coffee bag in a cup.

2. Add hot water.

3. Steep for 5 minutes

4. Add creamer and sugar to taste.

All coffee bags are individually packed in tear off pouches.

Naimas! Ramanam!

Also available in Pack of 10s, Single Serve Drip and 250 gram pouch.


You take part in our advocacy of giving back to the community with every purchase of coffee or gear.
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