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Kopilocano - Taraki Blend - Coffee Bag 3 in 1

Kopilocano - Taraki Blend - Coffee Bag 3 in 1

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Your ON-THE-GO Coffee!

Taraki Coffee Bag is a new way of brewing coffee as it is easy and convenient. No need to go to coffee shops to create a Coffee Shop-style coffee. All you need is hot water.

Our Taraki Blend is our in-house blend made from the freshest Arabica, Robusta and Liberica beans. Strong flowery aroma with a balanced acidity.

1. Put coffee bag in a cup.
2. Add hot water.
3. Steep for 5 minutes
4. Add creamer and sugar to taste.

Package includes:
1 coffee bag
2 sachets creamer
2 sachets sugar

Naimas! Ramanam!


You take part in our advocacy of giving back to the community with every purchase of coffee or gear.
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